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Concept Artist

The primary role of the Concept Artist is to interpret Art Direction Briefs and to generate concepts, designs, renders, production art and any other visuals that meet and convey the desired Creative/Artistic Vision and Quality/Budget/Schedule targets set by the Studio, Director, Art Director and Head of Department with the aim of delivering work that meets and/or exceeds Client expectations.

The Concept Artist will work closely with the Art Director, CG Supervisor and Production (and when necessary the Director). Art work generated by the Concept Artist Concept Artist will serve as visual guides and reference for other departments such as Assets, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing, Rigging, Animation and VFX.

The Concept Artist may also be required to work with the Art Director during the initial setup of the Project at the ‘green light’ stage, inputting on the Project bid, estimating times for tasks, detailing scope complexity etc. and where relevant suggesting artistic, creative and technical solutions to help bring efficacy, development and progression to the Project’s Art pipeline.

Communication with other departments such as Assets, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing, Rigging, Animation and VFX may also be expected of the Concept Artist.

More experienced Concept Artists may be tasked with supporting the Art Director in mentoring and guiding less experienced Concept Artists, for example, passing on knowledge and methodology on best practice and technique and where relevant making sure they are supported creatively, artistically and technically during their time on the Project.

Concept Artists are under the Line Management of the Head of Art


  • Interpreting Art Direction Briefs and requirements and understanding the Creative, aesthetic and visual goals of the Project
  • Produce various types of Artwork; concepts/designs, to a high standard and within agreed time scales as required – e.g. character designs, environment designs, prop designs, Storyboards, Production Renderings, Sketches, Designs, Colour Scripts, Backdrops, VFX designs, Matte paintings, material call out sheets, etc. etc.
  • Where relevant, support the work of Producers, Directors, Creative Directors, Art Directors and other Department Leads/CG Supervisors in the pitch, pre-production and production stages of Projects
  • Communicate on a regular basis with Art Director and Production to ensure that schedules and estimates for delivery of work are achievable and that expectations are understood and met
  • If necessary help with Project and Team organisational structure and estimating schedules for execution of work
  • Support Art Director and Production in their work by clearly communicating and helping the team achieve Art Direction and Project goals
  • Ensuring that Design/Art Work gets done within schedule and budget whilst meeting Client, Studio and Director expectations
  • Ensuring that Design/Art Work follows scope and Project requirements
  • Working with and supporting Art Director and Production when necessary to clarify and/or explain if/when feedback impacts negatively on schedule and deliverables
  • Present concepts and design ideas, listen to feedback and make recommendations that are achievable within budget and schedule and implement as required
  • Modifying or reworking designs/concepts/work produced in line with any feedback received throughout the project from initial ideation to final delivery
  • Create, design and innovate, in collaboration with others or individually, to suit the task at hand
  • Work as an effective member of the Art Team
  • Where relevant support less experienced Concept Artists on the Project
  • Deliver results that meet and exceed expectations, ensuring a reliable contact with the team and other departments when required
  • Attending and contributing to Client and Team meetings/calls as and when required
  • Actively provide creative solutions to budget, schedule or creative challenges
  • Undertaking any additional duties that may occur within remit of the role but not covered by this description

 An Effective Concept Artist:

  • Seeks to understand, evaluate, communicate and execute Project Concept/Design requirements
  • Seeks to deliver Designs and Art Work that answer both Client and Studio needs
  • Actively monitors and adjusts to the project's needs
  • Takes responsibility for ensuring the problem is solved
  • Works with and supports Team members from other departments
  • Puts the outcome for the studio as a whole first
  • Can both anticipate a problem and either prevents it or limits the damage
  • Is able to maintain focus and direction
  • Can see past the noise
  • Responds proactively to personal & team challenges
  • Motivates themselves and, where relevant, other team members
  • Is communicative and communicates effectively and clearly
  • Aspires to learn and grow
  • Is flexible and adaptable to changes and feedback
  • Understands the bigger picture and requirements
  • Is resilient and perseveres
  • Is level headed under pressure

An Ineffective Concept Artist:

  • Is unable to understand, evaluate, communicate and execute Project Concept/Design requirements
  • Is isolated and unapproachable
  • Is a passenger on the project, rather than a driver
  • Puts their personal objectives ahead of the studio
  • Enjoys describing the problem more than solving it
  • Is unable to function as part of a team
  • Passes their challenges along to the team
  • Waits for responsibilities to be given, rather than taken
  • Focuses on the micro to the detriment of the whole
  • Panics and crumples under pressure
  • Is unable to accept and implement feedback
  • Is inflexible and resistant to change

Artistic Responsibilities:

  • Concept Designs:  Create Concepts/Art Works for a broad range of characters, creatures, environments, vehicles and props, that serve as reference for other departments working on the project
  • Working to Aesthetic and Style Objectives: Understanding, detailing and communicating aesthetic and style requirements in any work created. Aesthetic and style requirements are given by Client, Studio, Director and Art Director
  • Executing feedback: Addressing feedback given by Director/Art Director making changes to Artwork/Concepts/Designs to meet the Project requirements
  • Reference Gathering: Where applicable, sourcing and collating references which help guide and/or support visuals and aesthetics of Concepts and Designs (particularly relevant for Call Out Sheets and Colour Scripts)

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Support Junior Concept Artists: If necessary, give help and support to Junior Concept Artists on the Project, ensuring they are using best practice, techniques and methods for producing and delivering work to the quality required on schedule
  • Brief Creation: Although normally the remit of the Art Director, the Concept Artist may from time to time be required to create briefs for other Concept/Junior Concept Artists
  • Client Interaction: Where relevant, help Production to manage the information being sent to the client, making sure we’re offering the client clearly defined issues and potential solutions, while also outlining any ramification if issues aren’t resolved
  • Scope Monitoring: Actively monitor and when necessary re-scope the content being created, flagging to Production any changes that have occurred and the likely impact that might result
  • Bid Estimation: Work alongside Art Director, inputting on delivery targets in respect to schedule and any scoping concerns
  • Artist Recruitment: Work with the Art Director and Production to identify suitable Artists for the Project
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