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The General Manager is responsible for the successful running of the Bristol studio in operational terms.  Working in partnership with the Bristol VFX Supervisors, Head of Production and Executive Producer they are charged with making a success of the Bristol studio from every standpoint. And in a general sense the General Manager is responsible for the well-being of everyone in the studio.

 They are responsible at a high level for the management of the facility (health and safety, fire safety, evacuation, IT requirements, furnishing and other infrastructure items) and the management of resources (hiring, contracting, terminating, moving resources between projects) in a way that facilitates the successful delivery of all projects for both AVFX and Axis/Flaunt.

 The General Manager is required to interact effectively with Ops (Studio, IT), Production, Heads of Depts and other key stakeholders across the Axis Group (currently Glasgow, Bristol, London) in the successful running of projects, the management of resources across projects, and of the group as whole. They are responsible for making sure the facility is run in accordance with all health and safety, fire safety and employment law regulations.


Key Responsibilities              

Management of all key operations,  IT and studio personnel in the Bristol studio

Collaborate with Production, Supervisors and Head of Depts to determine project based resource requirements. Hire, contract, re-allocate, and where necessary assist in the termination of resources

Induction of new team members, collaborate with IT regards hardware requirements for new team members, Forecast and acquire studio-wide software licence requirements

Take care of studio-wide resource forecasts, contract projections, invoice submission and approval

Seek internal training opportunities for the core team

Oversee the PO and purchase process for the studio as a whole

Oversee the administration of secure access system for starters and leavers,

Oversee the generation and upkeep of studio seating plans

Oversee the regular review and implementation health and safety, fire safety, emergency procedures, policy and training 

Oversee any facility-based expansion or maintenance works

Work alongside the Bristol, Glasgow and London teams to build new creative talent relationships and nurture existing ones

Foster recruitment-related opportunities such as the building of relationships with potential vendors, collaborators and creative talent

When required is onsite in the Glasgow Studio to work closely with the Production, Supervisors, Heads of Depts and Op’s to ensure mirroring of processes and cultural values in the Bristol Studio


An effective General Manager

Is a pro-active self-starter

Prioritizes effectively

Forecasts, rather than reacts

Keeps their cool under pressure

Listens to all stakeholders, but does the best thing for the studio as a whole

Acts confidently, but with compassion

Considers themselves part of the Axis Group and collaborative with the pre-existing and future arms of the business

Is proficient in spreadsheet and database software inclusive of Excel and Shotgun

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