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Axis Animation is looking to hire experienced LEAD PREVIZ AND LAYOUT ARTISTS on an ongoing basis, to work on next generation games cinematics, cutscenes as well as commercial projects.

The Lead Previz and Layout Artists primary function is to create high quality staging, blocking and camera work that makes the foundation of a successful shot and/or sequence of shots, across a variety of styles and projects, as well as to provide direction and leadership to other Previz and Layout Artists working within the studio.

Key aspects of the role include being able to assess the output from other Previz and Layout artists and to give relevant and accurate feedback where required in order to create and maintain a high quality of cinematography across projects

Roles must be carried out onsite and all applicants at time of application must have full working rights for the UK and hold an appropriate visa where applicable.


  • Creation of proxy assets for 3d previz
  • Translation of storyboards and animatics into 3d previz
  • Staging, blocking and camera work in 3d layout
  • Finessing of cameras at animation stage where required
  • Maintaining consistent quality, style and continuity, both visually and technically throughout the project
  • The Lead Previz and Layout Artist has extra responsibilities per project including :
      • Review and feedback on the work of the previz and layout team working on the project
      • Set tasks for the team
      • Quality controlling output on the project


  • Accomplished examples of previz and layout.
  • Thorough knowledge of Autodesk Maya is essential.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work interactively with production and other departments to solve production challenges.
  • Strong understanding of cinematography, with a keen eye for staging and composition
  • Preferred experience working with mocap data.
  • Experience with Maya camera sequencer a plus.
  • Experience working with Maya Trax and blending animation clip data.
  • Proven Lead experience within a team min. 3 years.


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