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The primary duty of the Technical FX Support is to execute elementary effects support tasks to the best of their ability while maintaining the expected quality and quota as set by their supervisor on given projects. In addition to this primary duty, The Technical X Support is required to assist in troubleshooting any technical problems within the effects pipeline, while ensuring communication on their current task, both artistically and technically is broadcast effectively to the projects Supervisors and Leads. The Technical FX Support should also ensure they’re executing their work in line with given methodology, following best practice and technique as defined by either the Lead FX artist or supervisors.

Technical FX Support are under the line management of the Head of FX

An effective Technical FX Support:

  • Actively looks for opportunities to take on responsibility.
  • Open collaborates with their peers. 
  • Takes responsibility for ensuring the problem is solved. 
  • Puts the outcome for the studio as a whole first.
  • Can both anticipate a problem and either prevent it or limit the damage. 
  • Responds proactively to personal & team challenges.
  • Communicates effectively and clearly.
  • Aspires to learn and grow.

An ineffective Technical FX Support:

  • Is a passenger on the project, rather than a driver. 
  • Puts their personal objectives ahead of the studio. 
  • Enjoys describing the problem more than solving it.
  • Waits for responsibilities to be given, rather than taken

Primary tasks:

Work together with FX Lead and Animation Lead to ensure animation caches are ready for FX to be used. Work together with FX Lead and Lighting Lead to ensure the FX department is delivering the caches necessary and all caches are up to date Support artists whenever a simulation must be updated in case of animation update Work together with Head of Department, FX Leads and Pipeline TD to define best approaches for Studio-Wide and project related caching and pipeline processes

Secondary tasks:

Create proxy FX for heavily dependent animation and FX shots. Example being: Characters on fire, smoky characters, fury or feathery characters This is to ensure Animation department can visualize and get client approval on earlier stages without having the final FX When time allows, help create secondary FX and simulations for different projects as well as helping other artists to shot implement different FX.

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