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Axis at IAMAG Master Classes 2018

Taking place in Paris between 16 and 18 March, IAMAG Master Classes is a chance for artists to learn, share and network with other like-minded folks from all over the globe.

As well as a stall (we’ll be holding a competition over the weekend!), our colleagues Jon Beeston, Head of Art, and Sava Zivkovic, Director, will be sharing their knowledge of the industry in two talks.

Jon’s presentation, Axis Animation: AXIS (more than) Animation, will focus on concept, pitching, art direction and much more besides.

Attendees will get an overview of Axis Animation and some of the projects we’ve worked on. They’ll also walk away with a greater understanding of how we are involved in every step of the creative process; from scriptwriting and concept storyboards to modelling and animation.

Axis Animation: AXIS (more than) Animation hosted by Jon Beeston will take place at 2pm on Friday 16 and, in case you miss it, Saturday 17 in the Industry Room.

Rounding off the weekend for, Sava will be giving his talk entitled Axis Animation: Directing Game Trailers. No prizes for guessing what that’s about.

Sava will demonstrate how a freelance 3D artist can progress to director. Delegates will discover the skills artists should focus on and the pitfalls to expect. He’ll also explore how personal projects can impact careers among other significant factors in the journey to becoming a director.

Axis Animation: Directing Game Trailers by Sava Zivkovic will take place at 2 pm on Sunday 18 in the Industry Room.

There’ll also be a prize up for grabs from our stall. The prize: the extremely limited edition, and now out of print, Axis Studio Art Book. For your chance to win, come say hello and drop your business card into the draw. Easy! The Axis Studio Art Book showcases the creativity that goes into all of our projects. This artbook can no longer be bought, so it’s super exclusive.

Looking forward to seeing you at IAMAG!

Visit the IAMAG Master Classes ‘18 website to find out more about the event and buy tickets.