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Axis work with Terry Crews

The Axis team had an awesome time working with Terry Crews (The Expendables, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Everybody Hates Chris) on Crackdown 3. He plays Commander Jaxon, one of the most accomplished agents ever to serve The Agency (a global task force of elite super-soldiers who maintain world peace and justice).

Terry talks to High Snobiety for an exclusive interview about internet culture, video games and Crackdown 3, ahead of his appearance at San Diego’s Comic Con this weekend (23rd July).

“Regardless of how you’ve come to know Crews, it’s undeniable that in the past couple years he’s exploded in the digital world and become an internet legend/cult hero, a Reddit sensation, a PC gaming fanatic, and now he’s even got his very own playable character in the upcoming open world action-adventure-shooter Crackdown 3 – a match made in gaming heaven.

“With such an extensive professional career, it boggles the mind to think it’s just now that Crews may be reaching his biggest audience ever. For being born in the ’60s, he’s very much so on the pulse of digital media and internet culture as a whole.”

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