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The Animation Centrifuge presents Karl Gnass

Karl Gnass, the legendary storyboard artist who has worked with some of the biggest animation studios in the world, is heading to Glasgow’s Caledonian University this week to give an exclusive lecture and drawing class.

Karl's lecture will look at figure dynamics, with particular reference to his work as a consultant on Disney's Moana, and the principles discussed will be put into practice in the figure drawing class that follows, with direct feedback from Karl. It's an unmissable opportunity for professional animators and passionate amateurs to gain insight from an industry luminary.

We’re so excited to partner with Animation Centrifuge to sponsor this event. For more information and to buy tickets, click here.

Digital Arts spoke exclusively to Karl about his career, creating iconic characters and the Animation Centrifuge workshop. Read a snippet of the interview below, and click here to read there full Q&A.

What are some of the most exciting projects you have worked on, and what did you contribute to them?

"When I was working at Sony ImageWorks, I was there consulting and teaching drawing skills, the animators asked me to come on board on a freelance basis, to develop the expressions and a whole anatomical structure for the face and head of Stuart Little. So I built the structure of the face and produced 30 different kinds of expressions, showing which muscles worked, including varying degrees of each expression. For instance – anger – I’d start with low level anger and annoyance, all the way up to rage. I did this to give the animators a library of concepts and ideas to use when they brought the voice actors into the studio.

"I also remember working on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where I was tasked with creating the troll in the bathroom. The team wanted a character that had weight and could throw it around. So, I designed a model and we talked about designing it and developing the character that would be both impressive and scary.”