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The Move Summit 2017

Not even storm Doris could stop the Axis, Flaunt and axisVFX crew, and a capacity turnout of new talent and industry delegates from attending the first ever Move Summit in Edinburgh last week.

The Summit, Scotland’s largest dedicated commercial animation event, brought together experts from the film, TV, commercials, video games and the visual arts industries, offering an opportunity for students and budding artists to network with the pros.

We were proud to be a major supporter of the event, and represented on the recruitment panel and also in leading creative reviews. The reviews enabled students to gain valuable feedback on their projects – we saw some absolutely wonderful talent and wish them the best for the future.

We also had the opportunity to show off some of our work in our own presentations, including Dawn of War III – we were absolutely humbled by the response.

There were also insightful presentations from the likes of 59 Productions and MPC, who battled for 12 hours to attend. The VFX studio detailed the staggering work that went into the Oscar-winning VFX of The Jungle Book (which our very own Jon Neill worked on!)

It was also great to see a panel on VR and AR, highlighting the truly exciting developments that continue to happen there.

Above all, it was fantastic to hear from so many talented, young students eager to pursue a career in the creative industries and develop their skills.

We can’t wait for Move Summit 2018!