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Why Axis?

If you’re reading this, you already know what we do, who we do it for, and where we do it. You know that we think big and tell it straight.

Which means you also know we’re offering you an amazing opportunity...

An opportunity to join a busy, growing studio, delivering world-class, award-winning projects. To work for big clients, on big name titles from the worlds of gaming, TV, film and theme parks.  To be based in three of the UK’s most vibrant, creative cities - Glasgow, London and Bristol. The chance to do what you love, and collaborate with a diverse group of awesomely talented artists.

And, yes, if you choose to join us, we also gain an opportunity:

An opportunity to grow our international team; to maximise your talent in an environment that gives you the space to be creative and share our experience; the chance to have more fun, because if you're happy, we'll get your best work!

We have big ambitions and we want you to help us achieve them. Together we can do great things. We have the opportunity. You just have to take it...

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