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Awesome fan film for Day Z - check it out

This holiday period we donned our smartest clobber and went partying

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Find out what we got up to on a recent trip to Toronto.

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Our Orphan Black promo for BBC America wins bronze at the Clio Key Art Awards.

Our sister studio axisVFX has announced its involvement in the recent Doctor Who VFX

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Our Dead Island 2 trailer picks up the Grand Prix Award at the Scottish Creative Awards

Tony Zhou and Every Frame a Painting explore the intriguing directing style of David Fincher.

Scotland at its finest, Danny Macaskill shows off his incredible skills and Scotland's incredible landscape in The Ridge.

We were paid a visit by UK broadcaster Channel 4 and their news team.

In case you missed it our city Glasgow has been hosting the Commonwealth Games. Wasn't all sport check this video out

Exciting times here as we've had crew from Axis and sister studios Flaunt and axisVFX all on different shoots around the UK

Axis wins Queen's Award for Enterprise